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The Journey Begins 2

And So The Journey Begins!

And so the journey begins! It’s hard to believe that we’re at this point already. I mean, it seems like just yesterday it was March, and we still had the entire summer to deal with this upcoming adventure – instead, we’re now just days away from Wednesday, October 7th, when we will be departing Edmonton. […]

Nazca Lines - Condor

Nazca Lines of Peru

It seems that I was pretty good at laying out our estimated route when the Enduro site first went up. First it was the Bonneville Salt Flats of Utah, then The Hand of the Desert in Chile, and now I’ve just found a new spot that we’re likely to drive through without having to go […]

Horizons Unlimited9

Horizons Unlimited: Canada West 2015

So the other week I clicked over the the Horizons Unlimited site and saw that the Horizons Unlimited Canada West 2015 Travelers Meet was coming up in Nakusp. Time for a hastily planned trip to BC! I’ve been in massive need for an escape lately anyway, and I highly recommend a bike through BC whenever […]

Preparations Continue - Chris2

Preparations Continue

Preparations continue, and I’ve recently received pictures from a couple of the guys as we’re now just a mere 6 weeks from our launch date. Chris Chris tossed these at us after receiving his shiny, new HAPPY TRAILS boxes. He’s running the Happy Trails Products 7.5″ Teton Aluminum Panniers as well and their 29L Aluminum […]

Avoid Excuses3

Avoid Excuses (AKA: “I’LL DO THAT LATER”)

There’s always some excuse for not to traveling. Some are real and some are, well, they’re excuses. What are you waiting for? Let’s try to avoid excuses. WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN and HOW – You don’t need the WHY You don’t have to take some of the more extreme measures like we’ve done or will […]


Install Heated Grips

I’ve compared walking into BLACKFOOT MOTOSPORTS in Calgary to a fat kid walking into Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, and honestly, it really doesn’t get old because if you want it, they’ve either got it or can get it. Anyway, a few weeks back, I walked in and walked out with a set of Oxford “Heaterz” […]

Alex Chacon

YOUTUBE: Alex Chacón

At the age of 24, after graduating from the University of Texas in BioMedical Sciences, Alex Chacón sold everything he owned and embarked on a three-year, +200,000km, round-the-world expedition through 47 countries and 5 continents where he not only raised awareness, but also worked with various charitable causes. Today, at age 27, Alex is likely […]

2015-07-24 15.51.32

Eibach Rear Spring

Ideally, one would replace both the rear spring AND the shock, but I’m make of money right now, so I guess I’ll just have to deal with it, and do the next best thing. The stock rear spring that the KLRs come shipped with are aimed at the likes of a 155lbs of rider weight. […]


Progressive Front Springs

The KLR’s have the notorious habit of nosediving when braking, and honestly, could use some help. Kawasaki made a small effort with the 2008 release by upgrading the size of the forks from 38mm to 41mm, but they’re still far from being what they should be. For under $100, it really doesn’t cost a whole […]


Hand of the Desert, Chile

Chile’s Atacama Desert is the driest, most lifeless, non-polar desert on the planet. This a place where in 2003, NASA took duplicates of their Mars Viking Landers in an effort to test their instruments while looking for DNA. Viking 1 and Viking 2 both came back with negative results. Not only could they not find […]

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